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0:00 – 0:20 International break!!
0:24 USWNT vs Nigeria first match! Will probably talk about it more after today’s match!
1:17 Qualifiers! Austria vs Lionesses!
1:45 Good match! Neither team played amazingly
2:20 England officially qualified for the World Cup!
2:40 Netherlands vs Scotland!
2:55 A Lisa-Viv Match-up? Meetup on the pitch?
3:09 Lisa and Viv are on good terms it seems.
3:40 Lisa did not play she is injured
3:50 Remember when Netherlands played England? Beth and Daan showed how cool they are and they are friends
4:28 Marc Parsons OUT (old story but relates to this video)
5:15 Jonker in! A year out from World cup! Plenty of time to turn it around!
6:00 Viv got COVID at the Euros! Was a blow to the Netherlands
6:20 Viv was able to play in the match against France..
6:40 ViV played 120 mins right after she recovered!!
7:20 Someone tweeted about how Viv should never have played 120 mins after recovering from Covid!! AMEN!!
8:03 BETH MEAD LIKED that comment!
8:22 Beth saying she should have never played 120 mins!
8:50 Great match with Scotland! Tight match!
9:20 Viv struggles with a cough! Looked kind of scary!
9:51 the effects of COVID on Viv? Marc parsons putting Vivs heath in danger?
10:15 people pointed out that Viv has always had this hard cough
10:35 Voice over. Marc Parsons played Viv after knowing Viv had this coughing issue! Very concerning!
11:20 We don’t want to make it something it’s not but it is scary!
11:40 But very interesting Beth still liked that comment!
12:14 Australia vs Canada! (first match) Such a wild match! very entertaining! Sam Kerr at the end ALMOST scored! She was bummed!
13:18 Australia has a year to get to form! Is it the coach’s fault they have been struggling?


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