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If you are struggling to think of where to base your next Football Manager save, The League Lowdown might help. If you are purchasing FM21 but don’t know what leagues to load, The League Lowdown might inspire you.

This week we examine the Scottish league, from the Old Firm of Glasgow Rangers and Celtic to the greats from bygone eras such as Dumbarton and Queen’s Park. Could you lead the nation’s biggest club to European glory? Can you breathe life into a sleeping giant? Can you dominate domestically using homegrown talent? Could you guide a team from the lower leagues to the big time?

This league lowdown was created with the help of FM YouTuber Edinburgh FM, Football Manager blogger JDH_FM and Twitch streamer and database creator Mozza Plays. Links to their respective content is below:

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So, I guess I must be FM Llama – a failing manager of lower league football clubs in Football Manager for nearly 3 decades. From Championship Manager to FM21, I’ve taken charge of LLM clubs and obscure national teams and achieved an unenviable record of relegations and sackings. I don’t make videos showing off my Football Manager 2021 tactics and I wouldn’t know an FM 21 Wonderkid if I tripped over one. But hopefully on my channel you’ll find ‘Let’s Play’, ‘Road To Glory’ and ‘Journeyman’ adventures that are a little bit out of the ordinary, might occasionally make you giggle and at the very least will make you feel better about your own FM2021 abilities!
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Audio: ‘Rewind’ by Ofshane

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