How To Build Chess & Play TNT Soccer in Minecraft! ▫ NickelNassif11’s Let’s Play [Ep. 197]

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I hope you liked this new editing style you guys. Im really trying to improve my videos. I got inspiration from dallasmed65 so subscribe to him.

THANK you very much for watching this video. I am now going to edit videos to make them shorter and get rid of the boring parts. Tell me how much you like this world and what I could do better!

Disclaimer: All illegal things you see were used by glitches, I never went into creative or really duped anything it is fully survival. I do use growth exploits but I don’t consider it duping or cheating.

The seed is a seed Sunday ibxtoycat seed: 1929808071
DOWNLOAD (4/14/19 – 10/14/22):’s+Let’s+Play+10-14-2022.mcworld/file

I started this world on a phone but eventually moved to pc!

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NickelNassif11 (me):

Disclaimer: All music used from covers in videos are found on YouTube and they have all the rights to the music.


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