Samo Burja on Building an Immortal Society

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in this episode, we’re joined by political scientist and president of bismarck analysis, samo burja. samo has advised leaders such as peter thiel and jaan tallinn. we discuss building an immortal society, how AI is lying to us, and what proper crypto regulation should look like.

samo is a deep-thinker with ideas worth sharing and we’re so excited to be able to share this conversation with all of you.

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00:00 Intro with Cash App
01:05 Intro to Samo
02:54 The Immortal Society
06:44 The Current Failure of Society
12:01 Disrupting US Crypto Regulation
14:48 The Power of The Individual
17:32 How AI Can Alter Self Image
20:06 Live Player Theory
25:59 Bismarck Analysis
29:49 The State of San Francisco
33:02 Most Weird SF Moment


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