What nationality are these football players? Guess Which one is the undercover / Football Quiz (NEW)

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🚩 Welcome to another video from the football quiz channel.⚽⚽⚽
📌 In this video we have 40 questions about football players and their nationalities that will challenge your football knowledge.
👉 Your mission is to find out which football players are in the wrong football teams. In each football challenge you will have 10 seconds to answer which football player is not part of each football team.
😎 Only the great connoisseurs of the world of football will be able to hit all 40 football challenges.

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Welcome to FOOTBALL QUIZ ⚽!!!

📌 here you will find quiz of the most varied types, all focused on the world of football ⚽.

😎 Our commitment is to amuse and pass knowledge in an interactive, cheerful, relaxed and educational way.

Are you prepared for this challenge🥇🥉🥈?

Write in the comments how many you got right and invite your friends to participate as well.

👉 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvaF2c4rCSkBFRZh3bZ55ptYtnrrgeV-V

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