Scotland’s Nicola Docherty stuns Matildas with long-range winner

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Matildas’ seven-game winning streak came to an end after a frustrating 1-0 defeat to Scotland in their World Cup preparations in London on Friday. On a day when the Australians were encouraged to see an impressive return their full-back Ellie Carpenter after at least two years of international absence, Tony Gustavsson’s team ruined a series missed chances as they were beaten for the first time since last year. September. An experimental-looking Matildas side hit board twice through Cortnee Vine and debutant Clare Hunt, but missed firepower of Sam Kerr, who was sitting on bench and alarmingly suspicious on defence. They almost can’t complain because they lost to a team that didn’t make it to the World Cup. The 23rd-placed Scots took down their top 10 in the second half with a frenzied, loopy kick from Nicola Docherty, but with the encouragement of their own Sam Kerr, they created enough opportunity to embarrass a Clare-led aftershock. On the 155th view of Polkinghorne. Australia has clearly missed some the marquee names, with nearly 600 caps worth players injured or rescued on the bench in front a holiday crowd 2,136 at AFC Wimbledon’s Plow Lane stadium in London. Gustavsson has left Kerr out and is apparently gearing up to release star forward for Tuesday’s game against England at Brentford; This is the last major trip overseas before World Cup. Still, Carpenter’s return was a blessing. It unfolded impressively and rushed forward as if it had never been far away, as it had been under his belt for over an hour before being replaced. In beginning, it was Hayley Raso who really caused problems for Scottish defence, who fell to ground just outside penalty area after covering a path. Katrina Gorry took a dangerous free kick to far post where Raso and Hunt could have done more, but this was last time Matildas had effectively threatened lion’s share in first half as Scotland created. Winger Martha Thomas approached twice, forcing Mackenzie Arnold to the first save, and then volleying right away. Then, when the Scots found wide-area pockets, Kerr of Scotland took a hit from afar. Within two minutes time-out, game changed color as Docherty in a speculative, cyclical effort from left edge of penalty area went beyond Arnold and painfully curled into farthest corner net. skip promotion to Take Action Free weekly Informative, passionate, entertaining. now for our weekly women’s soccer roundup. after promotion Bringing Matildas back to life, Vine hit underside of the bar, Mary Fowler got a one-on-one rejection with goalie Lee Gibson and Hunt, then unleashed a piledriver that crashed into board from more than 20 yards away. Vine and Fowler approached again as Australia sniffed an equalizer, but danger lurked at the other extreme, as Thomas could easily score a hat-trick.


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