Scotland Are Massive | The State Of Footy 004 | kelusport

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Scotland have stamped their status as the greatest national team in the world, Man City have done their annual act of bullying on Liverpool, and Arsenal’s title hopes are starting to look real. All in store and more, catch it here and catch it now.

Intro: 0:00
Conte: 0:16
Scotland: 0:30
England: 0:44
France: 1:01
Messi + Ronaldo: 1:13
Netherlands: 1:27
Man City 4-1 Liverpool: 1:39
Arsenal 4-1 Leeds: 1:57
Bayern 4-2 Dortmund: 2:13
Toney: 2:28
Tuchel: 2:45
Moment Of The Week: 3:18
Outro: 3:40


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