Sweden Women’s National Football Team Player Boyfriends, Partner & Husband l Spouses 2023

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Sweden Women’s National Football Team Player Boyfriends l Girlfriends l Husband l Spouses l FIFA Women’s World Cup Sweden Beat USA Penalties 5-4.
2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Sweden women’s soccer Team squad Player Boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, partner, spouse.
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Who are the hottest couple of Sweden women’s football Team in FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023

Meet the Boyfriend Partner and spouse of The #SwedenWomensNationalFootballTeam.

#AmandaIlestedt and Rainer Müller.
Amanda is currently dating German football manager Rainer Müller.

#FridolinaRolfö and Simon Skott.
She is currently dating Simon Scott, whom she met in 2016.

#CarolineSeger and Olivia Schough
She is currently in a relationship with her Rosengård-teammate Olivia Schough.

#JohannaRyttingKaneryd and Anton Salétros.
Johanna Rytting Kaneryd is in a loving relationship with Anton Salétros, who plays for Sarpsborg. However, their love story is unique as it has to endure distance due to their respective football careers.

#LinaHurtig and Lisa Lantz.
On 16 August 2019, Lina Hurtig announced that she had married Lisa Lantz, her teammate at Linköpings FC.

#MagdalenaEriksson And Pernille Harder.
She is openly lesbian and, since 2014, in a relationship with Danish international Pernille Harder. She and Harder work with the charity Common Goal and pledged 1% of their salaries to help tackle social issues throughout football.

#NathalieBjörn and Aurora Galli. Björn is in a relationship and lives together with Italian footballer Aurora Galli.

#Filippaangeldahl and Megan Brakes.
Angeldahl is engaged to sport agent Megan Brakes.

#LindaSembrant and Lisa Boattin.
Sembrant lives together with Italian footballer Lisa Boattin in a same-sex relationship.

#ElinRubensson And Filip Stenström.
Elin Rubensson is married to Filip Stenström, a Swedish former footballer who played from 2009 to 2014 for Västerås SK, Malmö FF.

#JenniferFalk and Pernilla Johansson

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