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Published On: Sat, Feb 20th, 2021

This Nismo CRS R34 GT-R Is No Garage Queen

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This Nismo CRS R34 GT-R Is No Garage Queen

<br /> This Nismo CRS R34 GT-R Is No Garage Queen – Speedhunters

This Nismo CRS R34 GT-R Is No Garage Queen

This is no ordinary BNR34 Nissan Skyline GT-R – it’s a Nismo Clubman Race Spec (CRS), otherwise known as the most prestigious R34 GT-R variant outside a Z-Tune.

Given the values of even entry-level BNR34s in well-used condition these days, you might expect a Skyline of this stature to be safely tucked up in a climate-controlled garage. I’m sure there are plenty of investors out there that would be happy to do that with this CRS too, but it’s not going to happen. The owner has too much fun driving it on the chaotic streets of Indonesia, and at every local track day opportunity that arises.


While R34 Nismo Z-Tune was a limited run complete car, the Clubman Race Spec is a Nismo Omori Factory-designed retrofit conversion tailored specifically to each individual owner’s requirements. There’s a full menu of parts on offer, including a number borrowed from the Z-Tune, but not all of them need to be fitted to gain official CRS certification.

What is required? Patience and very deep pockets – and that’s on top of buying a suitable base car in the first place.


You can think of the Clubman Race Spec as a restomod of sorts. But it’s more than just a refresh; the CRS upgrade transforms the GT-R. You can check out the Nismo website here, with details on all the Clubman Race Spec upgrades on offer – and not just for the R34.


This particular car began life as V-Spec Nür II, which Omori Factory rebuilt from the ground up. That is, it was stripped right back to its bare bones, before having its chassis reinforced and being completely repainted in KAD Gunmetal.


No stone was left unturned during the conversion process; the engine, drivetrain, suspension, brakes, exterior and interior were all reworked.


In 2014, Dino took a close look at Omori Factory’s own CRS demo machine, and while this car is very similar to that one, there are a small number of differences in play.


Under the vented Nismo Z-Tune carbon fiber hood is complete R2 engine, but built around a GT500 RRR block – a real unicorn in the GT-R world. Although it says ‘RB26′, it’s actually a 2.8L engine, and one which I’m led to believe produces more power than any other that Nismo has ever released to the public. Non-CRS parts come in the form of an HKS blow-off valve and an Amuse Titan exhaust system for a little bit of aural enhancement.


I just mentioned the hood, but the entirety of the front end is also Z-Tune spec and all carbon – the bumper, lip and fenders. There’s also a carbon fibre rear diffuser, spoiler and spats, plus Nismo LED tail and signal lights. Nismo 18×10.5-inch LMGT4 wheels by RAYS are a given.


It’s a Nismo-fest inside the car too, but the owner saw fit to add a Mine’s steering wheels and an AEM air-fuel ratio gauge.


There are many high-horsepower R34 builds around the world, and while all of them are awesome, having something that offers an ultra-high level of performance but is still usable on a day-to-day basis is my preference. The Nismo CRS ticks that box and then some.


It’s not everyday you get to see a BNR34 on the street here in Indonesia, let alone a rare and highly sought after Clubman Race Spec, so it was really cool to spend some time with this one. Even better was seeing the car being enjoyed as it should.

Rick Muda
Instagram: ardskellig


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This Nismo CRS R34 GT-R Is No Garage Queen