4 of My Favorite Nonalcoholic (and Low-Proof) Drinks | Wit & Delight

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4 of My Favorite Nonalcoholic (and Low-Proof) Drinks | Wit & Delight

Joe and I are social people. We love to host gatherings and having a drink together at the end of each day is part of our evening ritual. However, like many others, we’ve been feeling more tired lately, especially after lots of indulging over the holidays. While we’ve participated in strict dry Januarys in the past, this January we’re taking a more nuanced approach, making micro shifts to our standard evening habit.

While we are occasionally imbibing in a glass of wine this month, we’re mostly refraining from drinking alcohol. In the process, we’ve been exploring ways to introduce new flavors and enjoy nonalcoholic drinks (or, occasionally, low-proof drinks).

The four products below are ones I’ve personally tried and love. If you’re looking to broaden the scope of the kind of drink you reach for at the end of any given day, these are great options to try. I love that they’re portable and that the flavor profiles are balanced, not too sweet, and a great reflection of a cocktail I’d tend to make for myself.

Do you have any nonalcoholic or low-proof drinks or recipes you love? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

1. Curious Elixirs | Nonalcoholic

My Favorite Nonalcoholic Drinks | Wit & Delight
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Curious Elixirs has a variety of nonalcoholic cocktails that reflect classic drinks. Whether you want a drink that resembles a classic cocktail or one that has a brighter flavor profile with cucumber or citrus, you can find the option to suit you here. Drink it straight from the bottle or mix it with sparkling water.

Number 3, which is made with lemon, cucumber, alpine flowers, herbs, and ashwagandha is my favorite when I want the taste of a light, refreshing drink. When I want to have something that resembles a stronger cocktail, Number 1 is my go-to—it has a more bitter taste and is inspired by the Negroni. If you’re curious to try them out, I recommend ordering the variety pack to see what you like!

2. Recess | Nonalcoholic

My Favorite Nonalcoholic Drinks | Wit & DelightMy Favorite Nonalcoholic Drinks | Wit & Delight

Recess makes sparkling water infused with hemp extract and adaptogens, and these beverages were an instant hit in our household. We started purchasing them when Joe stopped drinking coffee; Recess was a good replacement beverage while he was transitioning out of the habit.

These drinks are light and refreshing, with more flavor than a La Croix and a gentle calming effect thanks to the infused hemp. The cans are also beautiful if you’re going for a specific aesthetic while hosting.

3. AMASS | Nonalcoholic

I first found Riverine, a nonalcoholic spirit, at a gourmet food shop in my hometown. I was drawn to the packaging and was curious to try a nonalcoholic spirit. It contains traditional gin botanicals while maintaining a flavor all its own. I like to mix it with sparkling water and a spritz of lemon.

4. RAMONA | Low-proof

Drink RamonaDrink Ramona

RAMONA is the one low-proof drink recommendation in our roundup, for anyone who isn’t fully abstaining from alcohol but wants a lighter drink with a lower ABV than a traditional cocktail. I personally love an Amaro spritz and Ramona’s canned Amarino Spritz tastes really similar. I served it at a Christmas party and it was a hit with everyone there! 

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