At least three killed as Russia hits Kyiv with hypersonic missiles, including children’s hospital

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At least three killed as Russia hits Kyiv with hypersonic missiles, including children's hospital

At least three people were killed and multiple fires broke out across the Ukrainian capital’s districts, authorities said.


Russia launched multiple ballistic and cruise missiles against Ukraine on Monday, with explosions felt and heard across Kyiv.

Officials say at least three people were killed. Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said the number of those injured was still unknown as official assessments of the consequences of the attack were still being carried out.

Russia hit the capital using Kinzhal hypersonic missiles, one of the most advanced Russian weapons, the Ukrainian Air Force said.

The Kinzhal flies at 10 times the speed of sound, making it hard to intercept. Buildings in the Ukrainian capital shook from the blasts, according to eyewitnesses and domestic outlets.

The Kyiv city administration reported falling debris, likely from intercepted missiles, in the Solomianskyi, Dniprovskyi, Holosiivskyi and Shevchenkivskyi districts, which set out fires.

Thick plumes of smoke rose from several Kyiv neighbourhoods.

The head of Ukraine’s presidential office, Andrii Yermal, said many people were in the streets at the time of the attack.

Ambulances headed to the Solomianskyi district, he said, adding that a children’s medical facility was hit by a missile barrage.

Klitschko wrote at 10 am local time that air defence forces were operational in the suburbs of Kyiv.

“Do not ignore the air raid alarm. Take care of your own safety, stay in shelters … and do not obstruct the work of air defence,” Kyiv police wrote in a warning message.

Moscow forces have targeted at least five cities on Monday with more than 40 missiles of different types, according to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. At least 10 people were killed in the central city of Kryvyi Ryh, with another 31 injured.

The attack came on the eve of a crucial three-day NATO summit in Washington.

The meeting will aim to set out the allies’ support strategy for Ukraine in the coming months, as Kyiv endures the hardest phase of the conflict yet and remains under pressure across the whole eastern front.

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