Baseball is losing its fan base. There’s an obvious way to stop

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Baseball is losing its fan base. There's an obvious way to stop

To the editor: Rubén Martínez is off base with his argument to “make baseball beautiful again.”

Baseball has steadily been losing its fan base and importance in the minds of the next generation. There are two clear changes fans want to see, according to MLB executive vice president of baseball operations Morgan Sword: “A crisper, shorter game and more action.”

An article quoting Sword stated that “many of the analytic efficiencies that were helping teams win games were the very factors sapping the sport of much of its charm.” That is right on! I, as a baseball fan, am tired of the umpires impacting the game with their missed calls. MLB is the only major sports league where the umpires being right most of the time is acceptable. The technology is there to make it right 100% of the time.

Dennis Parks, Dana Point

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