Border Crossings: Barbara Nadas

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Border Crossings: Barbara Nadas

Barbara Nadas, a talented singer-songwriter hailing from Hungary and England, possesses a genre-defying sound that blends elements of pop and soul. From an early age, Barbara honed her craft singing in cover bands, where she expertly fused genres like blues, rock, pop, and disco. Inspired by icons such as Eric Clapton, Amy Winehouse, and Fergie, Barbara’s musical journey has seen her perform at esteemed venues like the Hungarian Operetta Theater and attend the Berklee 5 Weeks Summer Performance Program. Collaborating with renowned Hungarian producer Burai Krisztián and other jazz musicians, Barbara has crafted a diverse discography, including hits like “Hiába mondták”, “Mese”, and “Overthink”. As a rising star in the industry, Barbara’s soulful melodies and powerful lyrics resonate with audiences worldwide. Her latest single, “SOAR”, is now available on all platforms, and fans can stay updated by following her on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

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