California electricity billing discourages conversation. That’s crazy

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California electricity billing discourages conversation. That's crazy

To the editor: Thank you for sharing calculations that show how California utilities are about to wreck conservation efforts and rip off customers with this new electricity billing scheme. (“California is changing how big power companies charge for electricity. What to expect on your bill,” May 16)

It is unconscionable but not surprising that our government continues to encourage utilities to steal from customers. It is beyond belief that any official in California supports a business model that discourages conservation like this one does, by charging most customers a flat fee but reducing per-kilowatt hour charges.

It is more clear than ever that capitalism is an enemy responsible for much of the suffering in our world. As long as we meekly allow those in power to pursue their own greed and interests, the planet will continue to die and all life will suffer irreparable damage.

The Times routinely reports on the success Californians have already had conserving electricity and water. It is long overdue that the companies and government officials impeding this progress change course, radically and immediately.

Daniel Loftin, Long Beach


To the editor: I own and live in a two-bedroom town house in a small, common-interest development. I am one of the “low-energy” users whose electric bills will increase with the $24.15 flat monthly fee.

I now pay less than the $241.50 per month calculated for users who will “break even” under the new system, so I will pay more even if the per-kilowatt hour rates decrease by 8% or 10%.

You report that Southern California Edison and other utilities suggest saving electricity by grilling food outdoors instead of turning on the stove. So, save on electricity by using a barbecue on the balcony. Great idea.

Oh, wait. The fire code prohibits the use of charcoal burners and other open-flame cooking devices on combustible balconies or within 10 feet of combustible construction. California law permits only electric grills on balconies in multi-family dwellings. Go figure.

Georgette Herget, El Segundo


To the editor: Let me get this straight.

Energy hogs will now be encouraged to waste even more electricity, while people who installed rooftop solar (ignored in your article) will have to pay the new $24.15 monthly fee, even though they contribute power to the grid.

Did Gov. Gavin Newsom brag about this in his recent climate speech at the Vatican?

Hal Drake, Santa Barbara

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