Croatians ponder economic woes ahead of Sunday vote

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Croatians ponder economic woes ahead of Sunday vote

Turnout is expected to be low on Sunday, when Croatian voters will choose between 300 candidates for 12 seats in the European Parliament.


The economy is weighing on Croatian voters’ minds as residents prepare to choose from 300 candidates for their 12 seats in the European Parliament on Sunday.

The Adriatic country of some 3.8 million adopted the euro last year. Still, multiple crises in recent years, including the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, deeply affected its economy and citizens.

Also, tens of thousands of the young and able have used the option of finding work elsewhere in the EU to leave in search of a better life, creating a significant gap in the labour market.

Nationalist and Eurosceptic parties capitalised on parts of Croatian society blaming Brussels for their woes, leading to the Croatian far-right party Homeland Movement entering the government earlier this year.

“Actually, things are being decided behind closed doors, and we don’t really know how big the Parliament’s influence over the Commission is and that’s what really impacts our lives,” one resident of Zagreb told Euronews.

In 2019, Croatia came last in voter turnout, with only 29% of the electorate using their vote. Predictions indicate a similar low turnout this year.

Voting in Croatia starts on Sunday at 7 am local time, and polls close later that evening. The first preliminary results based on exit polls are expected to be released around 7 pm.

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