EU and Germany to help Ukraine repair, rebuild energy infrastructure

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EU and Germany to help Ukraine repair, rebuild energy infrastructure

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz promises to focus on renewable energy and hydrogen potential as Ukrainian President Zelenskyy visits Berlin on Tuesday.


Germany and the EU have promised to help Ukraine repair and rebuild its energy infrastructure, Chancellor Scholz and EU Chief Ursula Von der Leyen assured Ukrainian leader in Berlin on Tuesday.

Ukraine has lost half of its electricity generating capacity as a result of the Russian attacks. Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said 9 gigawatts capacity has already been destroyed in missile and drone attacks. The energy consumption last winter was around 18 gigawatts.

Scholz said the focus would be on renewable energy and hydrogen potential, and added that efforts would be “rebuilding a future member state of the EU.”

Von der Leyen pledged €1.9 billion in aid for Kyiv, some of which has been generated from interest derived from Russian assets the West froze.

Zelenskyy spoke in the German Bundestag for the first time on Tuesday. Politicians from Alternative for Germany (AfD) and Sahra Wagenknecht alliance were noticeably absent. Both parties demand an end to weapons deliveries in Ukraine.

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