EU elections: National and Europe-wide results in real time from 27 countries

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EU elections: National and Europe-wide results in real time from 27 countries

Stay updated on the 2024 European Elections with our coverage and analysis. Track the latest results and explore detailed breakdowns both at European level and by country in real-time, as provided by the European Parliament.


As millions of voters cast their ballots in the 2024 European Elections, the stakes are high with issues ranging from economic recovery to climate change at the forefront.

Catch real-time updates, comprehensive data, and visualizations of the election results. Dive into detailed breakdowns by country, track the latest results, provided by the European Parliament, as they come in, and explore the shifts in political power.

What are the latest results for the 2024 European elections? Who are the winners and losers? How will the seats in the European Parliament be distributed after the 2024 elections? What are the final results of the 2024 European elections by country? How do the 2024 EU election results compare to the previous elections? Which countries saw the biggest changes in the 2024 European elections? Explore the 2024 European elections results using the widget below. Get more insight and analysis on our EU elections hub.

Enjoy looking at the previous election results at European and national level using our widget until tomorrow evening, when we will start announcing and collating the results for 2024 EU elections at 6pm (CET).

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