Glasgow Rangers Need To Get It Together

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Glasgow Rangers Need To Get It Together

Let’s be honest guys, the Glasgow Rangers team in general all over the pitch during the last good few years have had players in various positions who can all have fingers pointed at them at various times of the season and individual games.

The defence has been a shambles for a while. Barasic hasn’t kicked a ball in 2 seasons. Goldson, for as good as he was, he always had a major blunder in a game either giving away cheap goals or very close to it. He always had a moment in a game he switched off, putting ourselves under major pressure.

Tav, as good as he is going forward, although has lost a yard or two as time has gone on, his defensive duties have never been great have they. We had Helander, for as good a CB as he was, had long injury spells and we never saw him for a full season.

Souter has his good days and bad along with Davies. King has been thrown in at times – remember Jack Simpson. Devine being thrown in at times. We had McLaughlin in goal at times over the last few years.

In midfield, Lunny for me too is hot and cold and no matter what, he definitely downed tools when he never got the contract he wanted.

Remember players like Bacuna and Aaron Ramsay? Kent also stopped playing to his potential. Morelos stopped playing to his potential with many red cards and not available at various times for various reasons. Zukowski who I don’t think I ever saw play a game, James sands?

Davis, as great a midfielder as he was, he was coming to the end. Kamara seemed to fall out of favour by the end of his time here. Jack, a great midfielder, but injury has cost him and us.

Roofe, as good a striker as he is, was always far too injury prone and we never got a full season out of him. Itten never done it. Sakala tried, but wasn’t a manager’s favourite. We’ve had Diallo.

Honestly guys, the list of injuries and players downing tools and being unavailable for various reasons throughout the seasons has been incredible when you look at it closely. The amount of players who have come through a revolving door over the past 7 plus years is incredible.

We can’t point the finger at one or two individual players like Dessers etc. Too many over the years have let us down, came for money and not willing to put in the work on the pitch. The Board on their decisions on players and managers brought in, you can start at the top then work your way down.

That’s why this summer it’s imperative the Board have got it right with PC and Nils
and it’s imperative the management team get it right with the money they get to spend and we really do need to do proper homework and get players in who are fit and able to play, game in game out and ready to fight for the jersey.

It’s about time we had a squad that we can have total faith in, knowing a player will give 100% for the manager, the team, club and fans. And are all together ready to put up a right good fight. I honestly can’t remember the last time we had a settled squad and a squad capable and ready to give their all for the club.

We need to get it right this summer. Please, finally get it right and give us a good showing and a proper chance of wrestling back the title and the fans will show their support and loyalty as always.

Written by Thestigno1 June 01 2024 10:52:02


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