How to Find the Best Swimsuit for Your Body Type

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How to Find the Best Swimsuit for Your Body Type

Imagine confidently wearing a bikini or your favorite swimsuit that fits like it was custom-made. Whether you love wearing a swimsuit or find it uncomfortable because it shows off too much skin, the secret to feeling confident in swimsuits is choosing the right one for your body shape.

Let’s face it. Choosing a flattering swimsuit that enhances your silhouette and makes you feel good can be a bit of a hassle.

Whether it’s a bikini top, a one-piece swimsuit, tankinis, or skirted bottoms, this post provides a comprehensive yet simple guide to help you find the best swimsuit for your body type.

What are the Different Body Types and Which One Are You?

Knowing your body type is crucial to dress without feeling out of style. The four major body types are hourglass, apple, rectangle, and pear.

best swimsuit for your body type

The Hourglass Body Shape

The hourglass body shape is characterized by a well-defined waist with evenly sized shoulders and hips. If you have this body shape, your shoulders and hips have similar width, fuller thighs, and a round butt. This body type is highly recognized and quite distinct from other body types.

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Apple Body Shape

Also known as the inverted triangle body shape, the apple body shape features a larger bust and shoulders compared to your relatively narrow hips. Also, the stomach is rounded without a defined waist or hips.

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Pear Body Shape

If your hips are wider than your shoulders, then you fall into this category. The pear body shape features slim arms, a fairly defined waist, a slimmer bust, and narrow shoulders. Also, the legs tend to be shorter with fuller thighs.

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Rectangle Body Shape

If your body appears to be straight without any defined curves, you have a rectangle body type.

With this body type, the body is equally balanced. The bust, waist, and hips have equal size measurements. Also, the waist lacks a profound definition.

This body shape is also known as the athletic body shape because they roughly have the same features. The body is muscular, and the shoulder and hip measurements are the same.

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Choosing the Best Swimsuit For Your Body Type

Here are some effective tips to help you choose the swimsuit that works for your body type:

Rectangle Body Shape

With this body type, you want to create the illusion of a defined curve, especially the waist. Pick swimsuits with extra gathered fabric that gives a body-sculpting effect.

You can choose a two-piece swimsuit or bikini with tops and bottoms for a more feminine look. The bra should feature a V-neckline to make your neck appear more flattering. You should also opt for high-waisted bottoms to highlight your waist.

For a 1-piece swimsuit, pick swimsuits with side cutouts that can enhance your silhouette. High-leg swimsuits will also help lengthen and make your legs appear flattering.

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Hourglass Body Shape

If you have an hourglass figure, you want to draw attention to your already-defined waist. You want to avoid swimsuits that make your body look disproportional.

Since this body type features a small bust, you want to pick swimsuits that draw attention to your upper body. So, pick an asymmetrical bathing suit that enhances your bust.

Opt for matching tops and bottoms when shopping for a two-piece swimwear. For an hourglass shape, avoid enveloping panties that can flatten your silhouette.

High-cut bikini bottoms will help lengthen your legs. Also, go for tops with a pretty neckline or underwire swimsuits that provide generous support when swimming.

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Apple Body Shape

The perfect swimwear for this body type adds volume to your hips while ensuring that your midsection is less defined.

Swimwear with bold prints, eye-catching patterns, and plain bikinis will look great in this shape. A dark-colored top can help make your chest appear less full.

Whether you’re wearing a one-piece swimsuit, tankini, or bikini, you’ll surely look great in it. Also, you can wear a bikini or swimwear with a plunging neckline.

Since you want to draw attention to your neckline, hips, and legs, you can opt for high-cut bikini bottoms. A swimsuit with bright and colorful prints will also help you feel confident and stylish.

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Pear Shape

The perfect swimsuit for this body type will feature high-cut styles that elongate the legs.

Opt for matching bikini tops and bottoms that complement your lower body. From one-piece to tankinis and swim dresses, the options for this shape are endless.

For one-piece swimsuits, ensure that they feature a high-leg style and waist cutouts that help accentuate the curves. For the neck, opt for a dramatic plunge halter neck.

Choose swimwear that flatters your lower body curves, enhances your bust, and highlights your waistline and torso.

Instead of hiding your lower body curves, you want to show them off. High-waisted bikini bottoms and swim skirts are perfect!

Wearing bikinis with underwires and vibrant patterns will be perfect for your tops.

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1 Piece, 2 Pieces, Tankini: Which One Should You Choose?

There are different types of swimsuits that you can consider when shopping. Now that you know which is best for your body type. Let’s dive right in!

1-Piece Shaping Swimsuit

This type of swimsuit is mostly preferred because of the style and comfort it provides. It also tends to feature a flat stomach effect, making it perfect for the apple body type. For a piece-shaping suit, you can explore different cuts and colors for a better style.

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2-Piece Swimsuit

Whether it is a one-shoulder top with panties or a patterned swimwear, the 2 piece swimsuit has a slimming effect. It features high-waist panties that make the belly and the waist appear smaller and curvy.

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Tankini Swimsuit

This is just like the 2-piece swimsuit, but the tankini has a longer top that covers the belly. This type of swimsuit also helps accentuate the shape while drawing attention away from your stomach and hips.

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Wrapping Up

You don’t have to stop wearing a swimsuit because of the fear of not looking great or revealing too much skin. By choosing one that suits your body type, you can feel confident rocking your favorite swimwear.

It is highly recommended that you get your measurements right before shopping for your swimsuit. To get your body type right, do well to measure your body from the shoulders to the hips.

Remember the secret to feeling good and comfortable in swimwear depends on how well you know your body shape.

Regardless of your shape, you can always find a flattering swimsuit that works just for you! Go get that swimsuit today and come out looking stunning.

Hope you found this content helpful. You can also share your thoughts on how to find the best swimsuit for different body types in the comment.

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