Israel can upset Iran’s theocrats without death and destruction

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Israel can upset Iran's theocrats without death and destruction

To the editor: One way Israel could respond to Iran’s attack is to use long-range drones to deliver masses of leaflets to the people of Tehran. Even if the drones were shot down, the leaflets would still reach their targets.

The leaflets, containing whatever words Israel chooses, would also send the message that Tehran is vulnerable to Israel’s military might — that Israel could have sent death and destruction but chose not to.

The theocrats would be furious, but they would have no rationale for military escalation.

Eleanor Egan, Costa Mesa


To the editor: Isn’t it wonderful that mankind has now developed another weapon, a cheap one at that, for killing “other” people? Even less wealthy nations can now join in, since drones are inexpensive to make.

We live in a crazy world where weaponry is so advanced, and the big question, as one expert you quoted put it, is “how do you use a drone swarm effectively.”

They may as well just go back to the old technology and use a big bomb to get it over with.

Lynne Okon Scholnick, Long Beach

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