Kamala Harris for president? – Los Angeles Times

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Kamala Harris for president? - Los Angeles Times

To the editor: Remember how President Biden said he wanted to be a “bridge” to the next generation of Democratic leaders? And how “his” accomplishments are the accomplishments of his administration, of which Kamala Harris is an integral part? What about switching out Biden and Harris, with her as the presidential nominee and him as the vice presidential nominee? He can be the elder statesman, available to lend the benefit of his experience. She can bring her crisp prosecutorial logic and speaking skills to the task of skewering Trump’s record and statements.

While Harris may not be the ideal new fantasy candidate many Democrats would like, keeping Biden on the ticket, but in a less demanding capacity, might be a good compromise between Democrats wanting change and those wanting the status quo, keeping everyone in the fold for November.

This also allows Harris to use the money the Biden-Harris campaign has raised without issues, and would allow Biden to step down from the rigors of the top spot and seek medical care for his health. Medical issues do not benefit from being ignored or untreated for four months of intense campaign activity. Maybe Jill Biden would be persuaded by the idea that getting treatment now is critical to President Biden’s future health and continued quality of life.

Linda Falcao, Baltimore


To the editor: Lorraine Ali’s article concludes that Vice President Harris is not a favored candidate to replace Biden should he resign or not run again.

Ali attributes this lack of enthusiasm to the fact Harris “faces a higher bar due to her gender and race.” The article, however, fails to consider that Harris’ standing as a replacement candidate could instead be limited by her less than noteworthy performance as vice president. Harris was tasked with leading immigration reform without anything to show for her efforts and let the administration suffer the consequences. Likewise, she was to push for new rules on artificial intelligence and came up empty once again. Not everything is about race and gender.

Roberto Ackermann, Dallas


To the editor: The very fact that many harbor doubts as to whether a seasoned, articulate, female former prosecutor (Kamala Harris) can defeat a corrupt, lie-generating, insurrectionist male felon (Donald Trump) speaks to just how far our society has to go in bringing about equality between the sexes.

William P. Bekkala, West Hollywood


To the editor: Joe Biden has been a stellar president. In 2020 he saved this country from the scourge of COVID-19, as well as from the chaos and disaster of another Trump presidency. His legislative record is phenomenal. He has much to be proud of.

But President Biden is not the same leader today that he was in 2020. Time has taken a toll and voters have noticed, with alarm.

Although Joe and his close allies insist that he is the only candidate who can beat Trump, many Democratic voters disagree. True-blue Democrats are abandoning Biden in droves, including deep-pocket donors.

The time has come to pass the torch. The future of the country must take precedence over personal pride.

President Biden can proudly point to his accomplishments and rest on his laurels. If he stays in the race and Trump wins, which is increasingly likely, what happens to that legacy?

Kamala Harris is President Biden’s handpicked successor. She is qualified. She is competent. She can take on Trump, and she can win. For the sake of our country and our democracy, President Biden needs to step aside.

Victoria Ang, Pasadena

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