L.A.’s late-stage capitalism homelessness fix: Ask the rich for cash

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L.A.'s late-stage capitalism homelessness fix: Ask the rich for cash

To the editor: Don’t get me wrong, I applaud Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass for her new program asking wealthy residents and companies to help fund housing solutions for people who are homeless. But before the area’s millionaires and billionaires put their heads on their pillows tonight, I would ask that they contemplate what happened on the front end of the homelessness equation.

Did they always pay all their employees, even the ones who clean their offices, a wage that allowed them to rent a small apartment in this city? If not, then they have some explaining to do.

I always wanted to live in a democracy. We all pay our fair share of taxes, and we all decide as a society how to spend that money to the benefit of all citizens. We take care of our own when necessary for the benefit of all.

Today, our new paradigm is that when you become a mega-millionaire or billionaire, you decide who gets helped and how. That is somewhat troubling to me.

I’m grateful that people can be generous, but you can see where this can and is leading. We in this late-stage capitalism culture must decide if this is what we want to be. Before we all fall asleep tonight, maybe we might think of where our responsibility lies.

Nancy Washburn, La Crescenta


To the editor: To those objecting to Bass’ new housing initiative, maybe she’s looking four years into the future. Plans need to be in place soon so we can be proud of the Los Angeles we show the world as we once again host the Olympics and the Special Olympics.

Patricia Thomas, Santa Monica

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