No cameras at Trump trial avoids another O.J. Simpson circus

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No cameras at Trump trial avoids another O.J. Simpson circus

To the editor: I completely disagree with Lorraine Ali’s opinion that not televising the hush money and 2016 election interference trial of the former president is a disservice to the public.

The primary goal of a criminal trial is to determine the facts and dispense justice, not entertain the masses. All those interested in staying informed about the daily trial proceedings in New York can watch the news coverage or read about it.

As someone who worked in the superior courts of California for 32 years (17 in Los Angeles County and 15 in Orange County), and who witnessed the circus-like spectacle of the O.J. Simpson trial and the acquittal travesty that resulted, I am very relieved that the New York trial is not being televised.

Marcia Goodman, Long Beach


To the editor: Trump is not being legally judged by the public. He will be adjudicated by a judge and a jury in New York.

To say he has somehow won because of the lack of cameras in the courtroom is ridiculous. His MAGA base will always believe his lies no matter what others say.

Cameras or none, he is supported by people living in an alternate universe. Those based in reality will follow the facts, not the spin.

Harry Schwarz, Agoura Hills

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