No, nuclear waste isn’t just ‘buried’ near San Onofre

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No, nuclear waste isn't just 'buried' near San Onofre

To the editor: The Times needlessly alarms unfamiliar readers with a single, poorly chosen word. Merely stating that nuclear waste is “buried” in a bluff near the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station couldn’t be further from the truth. (“Nuclear waste storage at Yucca Mountain could roil Nevada U.S. Senate race,” April 30)

Now, do a piece explaining to readers that spent reactor fuel from the long-shuttered plant is packed in secure, removable transportable casks, stored in accessible concrete bunkers, and ready for that day when Yucca Mountain in Nevada or an alternative facility is open to hold them.

Or, you could just print my letter.

David W. Kay, Playa Vista

The writer is a former senior environmental manager at Southern California Edison, which owns the San Onofre plant.

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