Pakistan records ‘wettest April’ in more than 60 years: Weather agency

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Pakistan records 'wettest April' in more than 60 years: Weather agency

Pakistan is increasingly vulnerable to unpredictable weather, as well as often destructive monsoon rains that usually arrive in July.

In the summer of 2022, a third of Pakistan was submerged by unprecedented monsoon rains that displaced millions of people and cost the country US$30 billion in damage and economic losses, according to a World Bank estimate.

“Climate change is a major factor that is influencing the erratic weather patterns in our region,” Zaheer Ahmad Babar, spokesperson for the Pakistan Meteorological Department, said while commenting on the report.

While much of Asia is sweltering due to heat waves, Pakistan’s national monthly temperature for April was 23.67 degrees Celsius, 0.87 degrees lower than the average of 24.54 degrees Celsius, the report noted.

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