Parts of northwest Delhi flooded after canal breach

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Parts of northwest Delhi flooded after canal breach

NEW DELHI: Parts of north-west Delhi were flooded on Thursday (Jul 11) after a breach in a canal that supplies water from a nearby state, and repair work was being carried out to minimise the impact, a senior local official said in a social media post.

Residents of the capital have experienced a series of extreme weather events in the past two months, from sizzling temperatures to floods and heavy rainfall that caused a roof collapse at the city’s airport.

“Today (in the) early morning there has been a breach in one of the sub-branches of Munak Canal … Water has been diverted to the other sub-branch of the canal,” Delhi Water Minister Atishi said in a post on X.

Visuals from ANI news agency, in which Reuters has a minority stake, showed residents wading through knee-deep muddy water in the district of Bawana in north-west Delhi.

The Munak canal is situated on the Yamuna river near Delhi’s northwestern border with the state of Haryana, which also runs the canal. No casualties have so far been reported from the latest flooding.

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