Ryan Reynolds visits ‘The View’ with his mom, a superfan

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Ryan Reynolds visits 'The View' with his mom, a superfan

Live TV is always unpredictable — and so is Ryan Reynolds.

“The View” moderator Whoopi Goldberg, 68, was commenting on the crowd during the show Monday when she noted, “Sometimes you look up and you go, ‘Oh, this is really great.’ And then you look over and you go, ‘Oh snap, there’s Ryan Reynolds!’”

There he was indeed, waving from the audience with his mom, Tammy.

“My mom is here visiting her grandkids,” the actor explained from his seat. “And yesterday she said, ‘It’s my dream to go to “The View.”’ And I said, well — first off, I try to do what she says, because you don’t know what she’s capable of. Unspeakable violence, my whole life.”

So, per his mother’s request, Reynolds “made a call,” telling the studio that he was Blake Lively’s husband and asking to come to a taping. “And here we are!”

“By the way,” the “Deadpool” actor said, watching from the audience “is way less stressful than up there.”

Tammy Reynolds told the hosts that she watches the show “every day” and they exclaimed that she was welcome on “any time.”

Comedian Jo Koy was Monday’s guest on the show and also was shocked to see a familiar face in the audience.

“Oh my God!” he said as the mother and son waved to him from the crowd. “I know her! Vancouver! She came to my show!”

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