Seoul fully suspends inter-Korean military pact over trash balloons

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Seoul fully suspends inter-Korean military pact over trash balloons


Seoul’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said the suspension “restores all military activities” in areas near the inter-Korean border.

JCS spokesperson Lee Sung-jun said that mobile loudspeakers could be operational “right away” while fixed units could take days to install.

“Just because North Korea is dumping trash doesn’t mean we can do the same. That would be a criminal act,” he added.

Under the 2018 agreement, both countries agreed to “completely cease all hostile acts”, including the distribution of propaganda leaflets from the South.

South Korea’s parliament criminalised sending leaflets to the North in 2020 but the law – which did not deter the activists – was struck down last year as a violation of free speech.

Activist Park Sang-hak told AFP that his group plans to send 5,000 USB flash drives containing K-dramas and more of Lim’s music, along with 200,000 leaflets, starting Thursday.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Park, a North Korean defector also behind the May 10 balloon launch, said his group had dispatched millions of Tylenol and Vitamin C tablets, 140,000 masks, as well as cash and K-content filled flash drives to the North.

“We sent facts and truths, love, medicine, US$1 bills, dramas, and trot music. However, in return, the North has sent us filth and trash,” he said.

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