South Korea blasts loudspeaker broadcasts after North’s trash balloons

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Seoul to resume loudspeaker campaigns against North Korea after hundreds more trash balloons cross border

SEOUL: South Korea resumed loudspeaker broadcasts directed at North Korea on Sunday (Jun 9), its military said, following through on a warning demanding Pyongyang stop sending balloons carrying trash into the South.

The decision to resume the broadcasts, as a form of psychological warfare, was made after North Korea began launching on Saturday about 330 balloons with trash attached, with about 80 of them dropping over the border, South Korea’s military said.

“The measures we will take may be unbearable for the North Korean regime but they will send a message of hope and light to the North’s troops and its people,” South Korea’s National Security Council said.

South Korea had warned the North it would take retaliatory measures which could include propaganda broadcasts from huge loudspeakers set up at the border.

The broadcasts were made Sunday afternoon and whether more will follow depends on how North Korea responds, South Korea’s military said.

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