Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez suspends public duties to ‘reflect’

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Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez suspends public duties to 'reflect'

Sanchez has said he is considering resigning from his position as his wife Begoña Gómez is accused of corruption.


Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez denied corruption allegations against his wife but said he will consider resigning after the launch of a judicial investigation into accusations by a right-wing legal platform that Begoña Gomez used her position to influence business deals.

Sánchez said in a letter posted on his X account that while the allegations against his wife are false, he is cancelling his public agenda until Monday when he will announce whether he will continue or step down.

“I need to stop and reflect,” Sánchez wrote. “I must answer the question if it is worth it to continue, given the mud pit the right and far-right have made out of our politics, if I must continue at the helm of the government or renounce that highest of honours.”

Sánchez, 52, has been Spain’s prime minister since 2018. He was able to form a new left-wing coalition government in November to start another four-year term. He is one of Europe’s longest-serving Socialist leaders.

Manos Limpias, or “Clean Hands” accuses Gómez of allegedly having used her position to influence business deals. The court did not provide further information and said that the probe was under seal.

Manos Limpias describes itself as a union, but its main activity is pursuing legal cases. Many have been linked to right-wing causes. It acts as the “popular prosecution,” a peculiarity of Spanish law that allows individuals or entities to take part in certain criminal cases even when they haven’t been directly harmed by the accused.

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