Steppingstone Farm Museum Fire Leads to Loss of Historic Artifacts

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Steppingstone Farm Museum Fire Leads to Loss of Historic Artifacts

Ablaze: The Steppingstone Farm Museum fire led to the loss of major artifacts. Photo: Susquehanna Hose Company

A barn with historic and valuable artifacts was lost in the Steppingstone Farm Museum fire. Investigations and plans for recovery are ongoing.


Fire Destroys Historic Barn in Harford County

BALTIMORE, MD-A devastating fire on Sunday afternoon led to the total loss of a historic barn at the Steppingstone Farm Museum in Harford County. The fire required the efforts of more than 50 firefighters to bring it under control in Havre de Grace.

The barn was an integral part of the Steppingstone Farm Museum. It was used for both exhibits and the storage of historic artifacts. Unfortunately, the structure, along with numerous valuable artifacts, was completely destroyed, as confirmed by the Maryland Fire Marshal. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

The Department of Natural Resources was the owner of the building, which the museum leased, according to the fire marshal. The fire marshal estimated the lost structure at $200,000, but the value of the destroyed museum artifacts remains unknown. Fortunately, the fire caused no injuries.

Museum’s Call for Visitor Caution

Remains of the Steppingstone Farm Museum fire. Photo: Museum/Facebook

In the wake of the fire, the museum issued a public announcement. They acknowledged the significant loss and urged visitors to exercise caution.

“As many of you have heard, we suffered a great loss today. We appreciate everyone’s support! We kindly ask that no one tries to access the site (whether on foot, bike, horse, or vehicle) until further notice. The gates will remain locked until it is safe to reopen.”

Founded in 1957 by J. Edmund Bull, the Steppingstone Farm Museum focuses on preserving and interpreting the rural heritage of Harford County. Bull’s extensive collection of private tools and artifacts provided the foundation for the museum’s exhibits.

The museum serves as a “steppingstone” into the past. It offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience the lives of those from the “last rural generation.”

Steppingstone Farm Museum Fire: Future Plans

The Steppingstone Farm Museum has long been a cherished institution in Harford County. It draws visitors eager to learn about the area’s rural history. The loss of the barn and its artifacts is a significant blow, but the museum remains committed to its mission. Plans for recovery and rebuilding are underway, with the support of the community playing a crucial role in these efforts.

The fire at the Steppingstone Farm Museum was a tragic event, resulting in the loss of irreplaceable artifacts and a historic structure. The museum’s call for caution and community support underscores the importance of this cultural institution in preserving Harford County’s rural heritage.

The loss of historic artifacts in the Steppingstone Farm Museum fire is heartbreaking. How will the museum recover from the loss? Share your thoughts. Leave a comment.

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