The self-defeating logic of “states’ rights” abortion foes

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The self-defeating logic of "states' rights" abortion foes

To the editor: Regarding the abortion debate, I’d like to see personal choice foes follow their own logic. (“As a pregnant law professor in Arizona, I fear the abortion ban,” Opinion, April 11)

They say that abortion access is a matter of states’ rights because the people of Texas or Arizona have different opinions than the people of California. However, it’s also true that within Texas, the people of Austin feel differently than the people of another city, so shouldn’t abortion laws be governed by cities, not states?

Taking it further, some neighborhoods in Austin feel differently than others, so shouldn’t each neighborhood make its own abortion rules?

The final step in the logic path is that each person in each neighborhood has a different viewpoint, so shouldn’t we have — drum roll — personal choice?

Jay Lynch, Pittsburgh


To the editor: I know that I am in the minority, but I consider abortion to be the murder of babies.

An embryo is the first stage of life. If the embryo survives, a human being is born. If there’s no embryo, there will be no human being.

The only acceptable reason for having an abortion is if it concerns the health of the mother or the future child. If people want to engage in sexual activity without becoming pregnant, there are safeguards available.

Michael Gesas, Beverly Hills


To the editor: Reading Caitlin Millat’s reaction to the Arizona Supreme Court’s ruling on a totally obsolete 1864 statute banning abortion caused more of a “lump in my throat” than anything I’ve every read or heard in my life.

The totally abominable injustice of men making decisions on women’s reproductive rights is way beyond stultifying. Men have no idea what women go through; that also goes for Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., who wrote the decision overturning Roe vs. Wade in 2022.

Richard Parr, Santa Monica

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