These are the Best IKEA Curtains

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RITVA curtains
Photo: @whitelanedecor

No matter how many trends come and go, there are a few classic home decor elements that never go out of style. Think of a simple round mirror, the Eames lounge chair, a quality Persian rug—designers come back to these pieces again and again. Today we’re going to talk about another classic, the perfect white cotton curtains from IKEA. The RITVA curtains are without a doubt, the best IKEA curtains.

The Ikea RITVA curtains are versatile and classic, well-tailored, and can dress up literally any room; no matter the style. They’re 100% cotton, thick enough for privacy but thin enough to let in beautiful filtered light, with a linen like appearance and you can get them as long as 118″ in length – unheard of for affordable curtains.

Speaking of affordable, the best part is their price tag. As pair of RITVA curtains is a very affordable upgrade to any space. The 57″ x 98″ curtain with tie backs will only cost you $39. The slightly longer version, 57″ x 118″, runs about $59 at the time of this post. Skip the higher price tag curtains. These are the perfect solution for any room in your house.

Ready to get your own? Grab a curtain rod and dive into how some of our favorite designers and home decor bloggers have styled these classic curtains.

RITVA Curtain Inspiration

Photo: Little Green Notebook

In this eclectic modern living room the curtains are hung with a pleat, high and wide, and are tailored to “kiss” the floor. The bamboo shades add another layer to give the windows a custom look and a cozy atmosphere, allowing for loads of natural light.

Living room from Kelley Nan
Photo: Kelley Nan

The RITVA curtains look great in a more formal setting too. Even though they’re extremely affordable, they look high end.

Dining room from Farmhouse for Four
Photo: @farmhouseforfour

For a more casual farmhouse look, this dining room lets the curtains puddle at the floor a bit. The RITVA curtains come with their own hemming tape, allowing you to choose your own custom length – even if you can’t sew.

Room corner from Kristi Murphy
Photo: Kristi Murphy

Because of their low price tag, the RITVA curtains are great for modifying with DIY projects. Adding black fabric to the bottom give them a whole new modern and custom look.

Bedroom from Carley Brandon
Photo: Carley Brandon

If you’re really bold, you can dye these white curtains any color you’d like. The result is designer-looking window treatments for a fraction of the cost.

Living room from Maison de Pax
Photo: Maison de Pax

In this traditional living room the panels are hung with clip-on curtain rings. They look casual yet elegant around these almost floor-to-ceiling windows.

Dining room corner from Chris Loves Julia
Photo: Chris Loves Julia

For a more playful look, consider lining the curtains with pom-pom ribbon. A fun idea for a playroom or child’s room.

Common RITVA Questions

Can you see through the RITVA curtains?

The do let in a considerable amount of light, but you cannot see through the curtains.

Do IKEA RITVA curtains shrink?

The curtains are 100% cotton and do tend to shrink just a smidge. We recommend washing, drying, and ironing your new curtains before you hem them.

How do you get wrinkles out of RITVA curtains?

We recommend a very good ironing after washing. If you have a steamer, that would work great too.

Are RITVA curtains lined?

Nope! But you can add your own liners if you want to darken a room or add a blackout liner.

Are all IKEA curtains the same length?

The RITVA curtains come in two lengths, 98″ and 118″.

How can I make my IKEA curtains look more expensive?

You can add a lot of luxury with extra panels. The billowing fabric will give your room a more high-end luxurious look. At at that great price, you can afford the extra set!

The IKEA curtains that designers swear by!
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[Photo: @whitelanedecor]

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