This New Porsche Safari Lets You Visit 5 African Countries in 19 Days

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This New Porsche Safari Lets You Visit 5 African Countries in 19 Days

Kalmar Beyond Adventure is giving the Dakar Rally a run for its money.

The travel agency, which Danish adventurer Jan Kalmar founded in 2007, has created a thrilling new off-roading experience in the heart of Africa. Running from June 1 to 19, the 19-day adventure will allow petrolheads to drive a Porsche rally car across the continent’s punishing terrain by day and luxuriate in high-end hotels by night.

Measuring more than 3,400 miles, the route passes through five African countries, requiring drivers to navigate deserts, savannas, mountains, and grasslands in Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Angola. The itinerary also includes shorter trips to places like Lapland and Morocco. Pushing the boundaries of human and automotive endurance, the Trans-Africa journey aims to deliver challenges not seen since the days of the grueling Camel Trophy and the original 1980s Paris Dakar.

A highly skilled team will be on hand to help during the adventure.

Anastazie Taskina

Kalmar will lead the adventure alongside a crew of mechanics, fixers, and other highly skilled helpers. Only 14 drivers will be allowed on the trip to create a real sense of comradery. Bonds and friendships are sure to strengthen as you workshop ways to extract a 911 from soft sand or get a Cayman across a raging river, for example.

The driving itself will be as diverse as the landscape. Some days will require precise steering, while others will demand breakneck speed. Similarly, you’ll spend some time traveling in a convoy and other times solo. Each driver has to pass a short qualification test to ensure they’re up to the task.

Kalmar says guests will catch Zs in “superb accommodation,” including some of Africa’s finest lodges and villas. You’ll also have ample opportunities to experience the local cultures, cuisines, sites, and wildlife. Highlights include Victoria Falls, the local markets, and the game reserves.

Kalmar Beyond Adventure's Porsche Safari

Drivers will spend some time traveling in a convoy and other times solo.

Anastazie Taskina

As for the wheels, Kalmar has designed a fleet of custom vehicles specifically for taxing desert expeditions. Each robust ride features a roll-cage, comfy sports seats, raised suspension with shock absorbers, under-body protection, and off-road tires. Other essentials include spare wheels and fuel cans. Each guest will choose a specially prepared Safari Porsche before departure. You can pick a modern or classic sports car or SUV, with an array of 911s, Caymans, and Cayennes in the lineup. You can even swap cars halfway through to experience all the vehicles. Alternatively, you can bring your own Porsche.

“Trans-Africa 2025 will be the adventure trip of a lifetime,” Kalmar said in a statement. “It allows guests to explore new frontiers, get close to wildlife, and under the skin of the real Africa—all through the windscreen of an iconic Porsche sports car.”

The Trans-Africa adventure starts from €66,900 (roughly $71,600) plus taxes. For more information, visit the Kalmar Beyond Adventure website.

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Kalmar Beyond Adventure's Porsche Safari

Anastazie Taskina

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