US welcomes Vietnam minister for economic talks days after Putin visits Hanoi

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US welcomes Vietnam minister for economic talks days after Putin visits Hanoi

WASHINGTON: The United States welcomed Vietnam’s planning and investment minister on Tuesday (Jun 25) for talks on enhancing economic cooperation, and said ties were stronger than ever, days after Hanoi upset Washington by hosting Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The US State Department said this week’s dialogue would cover economic security, semiconductors, the investment climate, digital economy, cyberspace, energy, and critical minerals.

Last year, Washington upgraded US-Vietnam ties to a “comprehensive strategic partnership”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Vietnam last week drew sharp US criticism. Washington subsequently said it would stay focused on deepening ties with Hanoi as the US works to counter rivalry with China.

The US is to decide by July 26 on whether to elevate Vietnam to market-economy status, which would reduce punitive anti-dumping duties set on Vietnamese imports given its current status as a non-market economy marked by heavy state influence.

“The relationship between Vietnam and the U.S. is as strong, we believe, as it has ever been,” said US Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment Jose Fernandez.

He told the opening session that US-Vietnam trade was now worth US$124 billion, making Vietnam the US’s ninth largest partner in trade in goods.

Addressing Vietnam’s Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung, Fernandez said US business were “very excited,” about Vietnam but added:

“We have to keep in mind while investors are bullish on Vietnam, we want to make sure that they have the regulatory and decision-making environment … they require in order to continue their expansion in your country.”

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