Volleyball at the Paris 2024 Olympics

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Volleyball at the Paris 2024 Olympics
France won the men’s volleyball gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics [Getty Images]

Here’s all you need to know about volleyball at Paris 2024.

Volleyball schedule and venue at Paris 2024

The volleyball matches run from 27 July to 11 August. The competition will take place at the South Paris Arena.

The medal matches for both the men’s and women’s events are from 9 to 11 August.

Scoring and rules in volleyball

Volleyball is played by two teams of six players on an indoor court 18m long and 9m wide. Matches are played to the best of five sets. A point is scored when the ball lands within the court boundaries or when a playing error is made.

The first team to score 25 points by a two-point margin wins the set, with each match following a best-of-five sets format. If required, a fifth set is played to 15 points (a winning margin of two points is still required).

Who has won the most medals in Olympic volleyball?

France and USA won gold in the men’s and women’s events at the Tokyo Games.

Brazil, the Soviet Union and Italy have won the most medals in men’s Olympic volleyball (six each), with Brazil topping the table with three golds and three silvers.

In women’s Olympic volleyball, six countries have won gold with the Soviet Union leading the overall medals table with six (four golds and two silvers).

Great Britain have never won an Olympic volleyball medal.

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