What’s next after surprise French election results? | Radio Schuman

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What's next after surprise French election results? | Radio Schuman

The New Popular Front defied Ipsos predictions in topping yesterday’s second-round vote, followed by Emmanuel Macron’s Party with the far-right National Rally in third place. But what could the next government look like?


With the coalition of the left leading in the French elections, followed by Emmanuel Macron’s party ‘Together’, Radio Schuman analysed the results and looked at the possibilities for a future government.

We spoke to French political analyst Olivia Lazard from Carnegie Europe who dissected the unexpected outcome.

Euronews’ Alice Tidey and Lauren Chadwick gave us a flavour from on the ground, where they were reporting from the National Rally and the New Popular Front headquarters on Sunday evening.

To prep you for the summer holidays, on a lighter note, we considered the most annoying things that tourists do on vacation – so you won’t repeat them.

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