Will the media finally stop giving Trump so much attention?

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Will the media finally stop giving Trump so much attention?

To the editor: It was appropriate that George Skelton’s column, “Trump’s pity party maligns America’s real darkest days,” was published on the 80th anniversary of D-day, which was a truly dark day for the United States and for Allied soldiers fighting in Normandy.

Former President Trump’s hyperbole and blatant lies have become tiresome and dangerous; perhaps we should be writing and reading columns that are not about him.

He is newsworthy because he has supporters and wants to become an American dictator. Perhaps if he had less media coverage, he would end up screaming into the void about his persecution and what he feels was America’s darkest day (the day he was convicted in New York).

Karen Wilkinson, San Francisco


To the editor: Jonah Goldberg thinks an extended jail term for Trump is “indefensible, given the nature of the crime.” (“Could the guilty verdict cost Donald Trump the election? Sure it could,” Opinion, June 4)

Does he mean the conviction on 34 felony counts in New York, for which he has shown zero remorse? Those emanating from the same conspiracy for which his ex-attorney has already served an extended term despite demonstrating considerable remorse?

Is he suggesting a fine would be sufficient punishment for any person so convicted, much less a convict who can pull in more than enough to pay the fine with one campaign mailer?

I think Goldberg meant to say “anything but an extended sentence would be indefensible.” Or does he think that a politician engaged in a campaign should get a free pass when convicted? Because surely he doesn’t believe a thuggish threat of mass violence should deter consistency in punishment.

I await Goldberg’s clarification.

Rick Goldfarb, Sherman Oaks

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